Island Chronicles

  • Minty Nothingmore: The House of Rocky Ridge by B.T. Higgins. Published by The Cottonwood Project. 2020.

Raykin Smythe: The Last Red Ship. In process. Rough Draft.

Advanced Reader Copy review for Raykin Smythe: The Last Red Ship (This was obviously written by a professional communicator! I love it.)

“WHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTT!!???!!! THAT. WAS. SO. GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! when the writing ended I thought: *gasp!* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I WANT TO READ MORRRRREEE!!!

anyways, keep up the good work! This is AMAZINGGGG!! oh. And you can probably guess who this is. heheheheheeeeeeeee”