Learn To Read

In the first three years of a child’s education it is crucial to lay a strong foundation in reading and writing. These skills are the first and foremost objective of school. They are the door that leads to everything else. In other words, a child must “learn to read” so that he or she can “read to learn” for the rest of his or her life. In order to lay this strong foundation, Learn To Read with B.T. Higgins offers a series of six semester classes that take a child from stage zero to a true, basic competency in reading.

Sample Videos: Parent Introduction to Semester A. Click Here. Who is B.T. Higgins? Click Here. Breaking words and putting them back together. Click Here. From My Bookshelf # 1: The House That Jack Built by Jeanette Winter. Click Here. Phonogram A. Click Here. How do we hold a book? Click Here. Why do A’s look different? Click Here.

This series of classes satisfies the entire language arts requirement during the first three years of a child’s education. They are designed to be sequential, building literacy from the ground up.

Although this course of study is designed to start from the beginning (Kindergarten), any child within the age range should enroll in Semester A if they have not been taught a systematic phonics-based approach to reading. In other words, if your second grader is struggling with reading, this course can help him or her gain mastery of the building blocks and skills of reading that they missed in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Completion of Semester A is prerequisite to Semester B, C, D, E, and F.

If you live in Anchorage, Alaska this course is designed to meet in-person one day a week for two hours with additional practice and activities online to be completed on the other four weekdays for a fifteen week semester. This in-person version of the course will be limited to 12 students at this time. To ensure your child a spot, please enroll ASAP. The In-person version of this course is full at this time. Online version is open with unlimited enrollment. B.T. Higgins is a Vendor through Family Partnership Charter School and IDEA Homeschool, which means billing can go directly through FPCS, IDEA. (Ask your sponsor teacher how this is done, if you are unsure.) If you are enrolled elsewhere or homeschooling independently, payment for each semester is required to secure your child’s position in the course. Once your child completes Semester A, they have first priority for subsequent semesters as long as payment is made.

If you do not live in Anchorage, Alaska, are on the waiting list for the in-person class, or would prefer an all online experience this course may also be taken without the in-person element. The content of the in-person classes will be translated into online activities that you can work through just like the rest of the course. Parents will be required to help verify that their child is making appropriate progress each week, but the online course videos will make everything easy, consistent and clear.

Parents are always welcome in class, though parking is not convenient or available in snowy months. Students should be dropped off five minutes before class begins to allow time to get settled, and picked up within five minutes after class finishes so your child doesn’t feel abandoned.

Cost: In-Person, Semester A: $500/semester (Limited to 12 students at this time.) FULL.

Cost: Online only, Semester A: $400/semester (Enrollment unlimited)

E-mail B.T. Higgins at bthiggins@outlook.com to enroll for the Fall 2022 term. Write LEARN TO READ in the subject line of your e-mail. Or by text: 1-907-764-7993.

*Public School Teacher for twelve years, kindergarten through sixth grade experience.

*Homeschool Dad of four children, 16 years old down to preschool. Eleven years experience.

*Reading Expert. B.T. Higgins has been immersed in the Spalding Phonics method since childhood, earned a Spalding certification in college, taught his kids to read, and is passionate about giving homeschool kids a great start to life with comprehensive reading instruction.

*Author of many middle-grade fiction novels and a non-fiction book about fatherhood. (Not really connected to teaching, but still really cool!)