The Maker’s music is our source of strength, restoration and encouragement.

Theme Five (An excerpt from the Digging Deeper section of The Cracking of Monday Egg) Think about it I have always thought it funny that a blanket can also be called a comforter. We have a huge comforter on our bed at home. It is thick, white and fluffy. We call it the cloud becauseContinue reading “The Maker’s music is our source of strength, restoration and encouragement.”

We can trust The Maker.

Theme Four (An excerpt from The Cracking of Monday Egg The Digging Deeper section.) Think about it I stood in a thick forest. Birch trees with their white bark felt like skyscrapers around me. Huge cottonwood and spruce trees tried to blot out the sky. Between the trunks, devil’s club and cow’s parsnip competed forContinue reading “We can trust The Maker.”

The present circumstances may be discouraging and make you doubt.

Theme Three (An excerpt from The Cracking of Monday Egg) Think about it A mother’s precious baby dies after two weeks of life. A 40-year-old man has a stroke and loses muscle control over the left side of his body. The rain does not come, so the farmer’s crops fail. A boy listens to hisContinue reading “The present circumstances may be discouraging and make you doubt.”

The Maker has a plan.

Theme Two (An excerpt from The Cracking of Monday Egg, Digging Deeper Section.) Think about it The Alaska State Fair is not huge compared to other state fairs, I’ll admit it, but it still feels big. But for a three-year-old girl, staring at the legs of hundreds of people as they stream around her, itContinue reading “The Maker has a plan.”

The Maker is good.

Theme One (An excerpt from The Cracking of Monday Egg, Digging Deeper section) Think about it A man stumbled out of the desert. His clothes hung in tatters, revealing skin burnt and blistered from the hot sun. He could barely see because of the harsh light bouncing off endless sand dunes. With his last remainingContinue reading “The Maker is good.”

The Cracking of Monday Egg

Available in Print, E-book and Audio Book! The Maker created Monday Egg for a very important reason. Monday just doesn’t understand it yet. Being an egg with arms and legs has its advantages. Monday can run like the wind and climb trees easily, but he is an egg. What happens when he cracks? The CrackingContinue reading “The Cracking of Monday Egg”

Becoming the Plagiarist

My new YA Fiction novel is out! Mike Wilson, a junior at Cypress Christian Academy, discovers he’s been reading minds by accident. The day after he gets his license, he can drive as well as his Driver’s Ed teacher, Mr. Clark. He has a full day of memories straight from the mind of Zayden Perez,Continue reading “Becoming the Plagiarist”

The Chisel and The Grinder

B.T. Higgins  One day, the blacksmith decided he would make the Chisel. He heated the metal in his furnace until it glowed bright white. With tongs he pulled the Chisel from the fire and struck it with his hammer, making it flat. Then he heated the Chisel again. This time, he folded the metal backContinue reading “The Chisel and The Grinder”

Eternal Holding Pattern

B.T. Higgins “Air traffic control. This is flight 362. Requesting permission to land.” “362. This is air traffic control. Permission denied. Please circle at ten thousand feet at this time.” I stay at ten thousand feet. I circle again. I argue with the Maker as I orbit the airport in a long lazy pattern. AgainContinue reading “Eternal Holding Pattern”